Tuesday, March 31

Granola Bowl.

A bowl of goodness to start your day with loads of positive energy.. a simple breakfast with loads of #freshfruits , #yogurt, #nuts and #granola this is all we need guys to get through this difficult times.. it’s very simple yet healthy and nutritious... I’m relishing this for my breakfast in this cloudy morning. What’s yours???X

Banana 🍌 
Strawberries πŸ“ 
Mix nuts 
Some flax seeds 
Some honey 🍯to drizzle on top.. x

In small serving bowl add granola as a base. 
Then top up with yogurt as a second layer. 
Then add some chopped banana and strawberries.
Now add some mix nuts from top , then sprinkle some flax seeds. 
Drizzle some honey from top. That’s it. You have breakfast ready in no time..x


Angie's Recipes said...

That's a nice breakfast bowl to start the day!

Rumana Rawat said...

Indeed thanks.. x

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